Imagine that you are climbing into the sky as a pilot of jet airplane. 
On the ether cracking noises of interference and the voice of ATC asks you about time of your landing. It is no time to see in different sides. You’re taking attention for a wind speed or making calculations. In this time in some kilometers of you on the other airway is flying other traffic. Judging by the accent of the pilot – he is from some of Scandinavian countries. You don't know, but this man seems closer many other people ... here on earth. And based on the ready to fly another aircraft (I think today is the Tu-154), which will lead your good friend and a pilot like you. At the same time, perhaps, he and you are in the real world working in the areas far from the aircraft.
People use simulators to touch the fringe of reality, which is not always achievable. Flight simulator, of course, is no exception and everyone finds their flavor in a virtual aircraft - someone interesting beautiful sky at sunset, some flying, some mate calculations, and some like visual flights in small aircraft with the orientation of the map. To "revive" the space around you, you can connect to a network of virtual pilots and controllers. It is this system makes cyberspace more than just a computer model.
The next step for those who want to join also in organizational terms - a virtual airline. Modern VA "Aeroflot-Nord" has existed since 2011, and marked the beginning of her project arose in 2008.

Since then and to this day it brings together people who want to move forward in the pursuit of realism further.
Despite the informal legal status in relation to the real world, such a company - it is not just a group of pilots flying under the same callsign.
Then what is it?

Airline - it is a serious business for serious people.
It does not have to forget that such meteorological conditions, and the conditions under which the PIC supposed to make a decision to take off. Than landing Category II differs from the landing I category. What is ANZ and when you can fly without an alternate aerodrome. For airline pilots is not rocket science, and everyday knowledge.

The airline is a mutual aid and support. You can always explain it remains unclear issues with colleagues to deal with the uncertainties in navigation, operation type of aircraft, piloting, flight operations and flight preparation. We are driven by the desire to develop their skills, to become more professional.

Airline - it is actually "workshop." We make sure, that aircraft fleet was kept in order, install additional equipment and carry out improvements.

Airline - this diversity is in the pilot's job. Not only is the geography of flights in Russia, CIS and foreign countries, but also a variety of interesting and creative tasks, participation in the activities of the Network RSTVAN.

Airline - a teaching and training center. Beginner pilot instructors will teach navigation, phraseology, C operations. The pilot, who decided to learn a new type will be assisted to accelerate its development.

Finally, the airline - it's just a good company of good people.

Our VA no bureaucratic structure and companionship of people united by a common idea and the love of the sky.
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