I.                   General provision

VA "Aeroflot-Nord” – it is Virtual Airline (in next time as VA) representing a club of aviation enthusiasts, who are flying in International Virtual Airline System (in next time as IVAO) with economic part in FSAirlines (in next time as FSA). These rules are the same for all participants in the VA. Noncompliance of these rules leading to exclusion the pilot.

II.        VA structure

·           Student – 0-3 hours

       Cadet – 3-6 hours

3rd-class pilot – 6-100 hours

2nd-class pilot – 100-220 hours

1st-class pilot – 220-450 hours

Pilot Instructor – 450-650 hours

Senior Pilot Instructor  – at least 650 hours


The appointment to the high job is exclusively by the job interview with the management of the VA.


·           CEO of VA in IVAO – Denis Evseev

CEO of VA in economic part (FSA) – Igor Kostin

III.      Provision of pilots

            Every participant of VA regardless of the status and position:

·      Be entitled:

a) To appointed to any position

b) To gets full and possible assistance

c) To vote any content item, corrections, tips, etc.

d) To vote any amendment to VA rules

·      Must:

a) Regularly visit the site and the forum of VA and follow to all changes on its

                               b) Influence to the life, events and policy of VA

                               c) Treat to other members of VA with respect

                               d) Keep VA’s reputation

                               f) Participate in the development of VA, according ability.

·      Prohibited:

a) Disseminate internal information of VA

b) Calling names staff and other pilots of VA

c) Using foul language.

d) Perform any indiscretions from the point of view of common human morality

e) Publicly or negatively speaking about staff of VA

f) Speaking of behalf of the VA, if you haven’t credentials to it, or if it is not well-known official opinion

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